Alison Wootten

Fine Artist, Painter, Weaver


Cloth of Heaven

I’ve always had an interest in textiles. Time spent hand weaving and spinning with wool and other animal and plant fibres has been a good way to explore my longstanding preoccupation with their texture and structure. In hindsight , I can see that the experience of designing cloth and the following through the rhythmic and repetitive practice of slowly building it thread by thread has influenced my painting and drawing more profoundly than I had ever anticipated. Not only when using proportion, measurement and pattern, but even in the slow mindful processes of laying marks down one by one.

These are some of the fabrics I have hand-woven and a few items I have made. I trade as ‘Cloth of Heaven’; due to the slow nature of hand spinning and hand weaving this is on an occasional basis. When available, items can be bought online through my Etsy shop.

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